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BILL ImmoConsult


BILL Immoconsult offers a comprehensive range of services in the areas of hotel property management and market-specific advice. Innovative thinking and action, possibilities and weigh risks, make clear decisions and the implementation of a systematic coordination of key competences by Bill Immoconsult. National borders play no role for the business activities.

Using the most modern communication systems and working with our partners in New York, Miami, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Moscow and London help to systematically take advantage of the opportunities offered by global markets. New outlets are so accessible and hotel projects will open the access to countries with particularly advantageous location factors.

Bill immoConsult is able to improve the competitive position of its business partners with its strong international presence and relationships throughout the world and an international project management in the era of globalization. Whether nationally or internationally: a benchmark for the quality of our work is only the long-term market success and the lasting satisfaction of our customers. With this high demand BILL Immoconsult has developed into a leader in hotel real estate.
Systematic analysis, information, marketing strategies and global hotel market knowledge are key concepts in the research activities of the BILL Immoconsult GmbH way we achieve real results achieved with the economic challenges of today and uncertainties may be known by tomorrow. Through our research, we identify possible activities in a unique global view of the current and future situation of the hotel property as well as the economic development